Yes! We do buy Charley Harper Limited Edition Prints. Currently we are buying Serigraphs (Silk Screens) and Giclees, including those from the Frame House Gallery and Ford Times Series. To submit a description of your print, complete and submit the form below. If you have digital pictures available, please attach them (see below.) If you need to contact us, please use this address: We will review your information and contact you about a potential offer to buy your print.

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Is there foxing?
(Rust colored spots or dots.
Indicate number and size of spots in comment section.)

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Is there offsetting?
(Offsetting is the condition where text from an adjacent page has transferred to the print.)

Is there cupping on the print?
(Wavy or ripple pattern in the paper. Describe location and extent.)

Is there water damage on the print?
(Water damage usually shows as a discolored region of the print where previously exposed to moisture and may be accompanied by cupping, or rippling in the paper. Indicate location and extent of discoloration.)

Is there paper loss?
(Missing sections of paper, such as a missing corner.)

Is there fading?
(Decreased color intensity due to light exposure.)

Are there tears?
(Tears, punctures or other damage to the fabric of the paper. Describe number, location and length of tears. Indicate if they protrude into the image.)

Is there brittleness?
(Is the paper weak or brittle due to age or other reason?)

Are there stains?
(Ink, dirt, or other contamination on the surface of the print. Describe number, location and size. Also, indicate nature of the stain, if known.)

Is there mat burn?
(A darkening of the paper underneath the region covered by a mat. Usually shows as a dark ‘frame’ in the paper where the mat overlaid the print.)

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(Is the print glued to a board, or other supporting material?)

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